About Us

Studiobackdrops.com is a concept online store based around Photography and Film-making. Our products are curated, tested and researched by professionals in the Imaging world therefore the consistent professional quality is maintained across the gamut.

We have the widest range of sizes and designs in Muslin Backdrops compared to anywhere else in the world. Our products include Seamless Paper Backdrops, Portable Backdrops, Studio Lighting, Light Modifiers, Stands, Tripods and other accessories.


We already have a huge inventory of Backdrops, Lights and other Photography Accessories and we are consistently adding more and more products to our inventory.


We have worked on the pricing of all our products in such a way that we can guarantee you products of exceptional and professional quality at intermediate or entry level prices.


In the immediate future all our products will be supported by in-depth video reviews and how-to videos thereby amassing an incredible library of product information, quite simply unparalleled in the world.  


The CEO along with all of our employees have all been closely associated with the Photography Industry for over 30 years and have pivotal and incredible knowledge about the same.

This website is only for export and retail queries, you can find an enquiry icon on every single product featured. Please write to us if you want to export or retail our products.