Backdrops4Ever Chromakey Digital Green Solid Muslin Backdrop

Sku:- BE-CKS-007

Washable Yes
Color Green
Size 5x6,6x9,8x10,10x10,10x12,10x16,10x20,10x24
Fabrics 100 % cotton
Manufacturer Backdrops4Ever

Short Description

Chromakey Solid Muslins are great for both studio and location work. Made from quality cotton, muslin backgrounds, available in a variety of colors, can transpose a simple portrait into a beautiful image.

Chroma Key Green or Blue or Grey are the most widely used studio backdrops in the world. Specifically made for keying purposes so are also called in different professional names like green screen, etc. Black, white and a darker grey are also used for keying too. With the introduction of Lighter greens for keying in digital photography has been made easier so also the introduction of digital video green, which is used for digital video keying. In all both sides can be used or if one side gets dirty other side can be used, which makes them two backdrops in one or have double longevity.

Professional heavy quality
Made from 165 GSM Cotton Fabric
Heaviest/thickest available in this category
No seam, one single whole piece
4" rod pocket for quick hanging 10'x10' upwards
Sides crimped to stop fraying
Non washable. Spot washing with very mild detergent can be done.
100% Cotton with high quality yarn
Always wider than the width mentioned
high absorption of light and no reflection
Dense construction
Grommets and rod pocket both options are there for ease of use and no extra, for 10'x10' upwards.