RiME Lite XB Prime 1200

Sku:- RM-XB12

Manufacturer RiME Lite

Short Description

The RiME Lite XB Prime is a professional 1200 Ws digital flash made for photographers who demand the best. Features of the XB Prime include: a 1.2 second recycling time at full power; flash and modeling light adjustments in 1/10 f-stops over a 7 f-stop range; a cooling system that displays the temperature in real time; a color temperature of 5500 +/- 250; and a new Aperture Control System. The Aperture Control System allows photographers to think in terms of f-stops rather than flash power settings.

The XB Prime is designed with a die cast aluminum body, a steel ball bearing cooling fan, built in photocell, and a screw-on pyrex cover for flash housing. The XB Prime includes a sync cord and a powerful 650 watt modeling lamp. Flash Reflector Hood sold separately.

All RiME Lite lighting equipment and accessories are protected against manufacturer or material defect under normal use for 3 years from date of purchase.

Dedicated Wireless Options (sold separately):

2.4 GHZ XB Prime Digital Receiver is inbuilt and XB Prime Transmitter and Remote Control is sold separately.

XB Prime Specifications

Max Power: 1200 Ws

Min Power: 14 Ws

F-stop Range: 7

Color Temperature: 5500 (+ or -250)

Flash Duration   : 1/1300

Recycle Time: 0.05-1.2sec

Flash Monitoring: Audible & Visual

Fuse: Modeling Type-T10A & Flash Type-T12A

Cooling Fan: Yes, with operating temp display

Flash Release: Photocell Sync Test Optional wireless flash/radio trigger

Photocell: ON/OFF

Audible Recharge Alert: ON/OFF

Modeling Light  : Full | Proportional | User Defined | OFF

Dimensions: 48.3 x 22.9 x 12.1 cm | 19 x 9 x 4.75 in

Weight:  4 kg / 9 lbs